SS20 ID (pre order)

ID focuses on the identity: who and how I am.

Powerful beauty, suspiciously beautiful.

Within ourselves we keep the power to create beauty or self-doubt, our illusory abilities, our own psyche responding to storms and effect of psychosis.

The subconscious responds to influences and intrigues, but also to the beauty of the environment.

Different stages of life, different layers and different changes .

Commitments and convictions, wars with oneself and with self–satisfaction, an insatiable feeling and belief on the common front, and the influence of the attitude of the collectives.

We are the roots, roots that reflect aboriginal thinking and behavior, the will to act and the fascinating freedom and beauty.


Focus lies mostly on body friendliness through natural materials and cuts that are comfortable and shape the body. Most of all I am interested in the freedom, how much freedom and comfort my designs can offer without losing its suppleness and visual beauty.

The knitwear in this collection has been woven from recycled Italian yarn recyCle, which mainly consists of cotton.

Most of the fabrics used in this collection are either silk or various blends of silk from Italy, purchased from outlet type of resellers.

The graphical sublimated patterns have been created in collaboration with Marja–Liisa Plats, a book illustrator and a good friend of mine (Triinu Pungits). As we have always worked very well as a team and being fascinated by her style and her way of thinking, I am very excited to continue the collaboration that we started last season.

Photo Riina Varol MUA Nele Pandis and Paul Holmberg Model Sonja from MJ Models