Hayami (pre order)


The collection HAYAMI represents rare and unusual beauty, which brings along slightly spiced quirkiness, resilient and flexible cuts, but also comfort and fit… man, woman or woman, man… the cuts leave space and prospect for both genders. Unisex garments meandering, perceptions of comfort and relaxation, influenced by Japanese aboriginal clothes, the charming lines of kimono, the sphere of influence and wealth, the idea, the wise words and theses.

There are breaks and splits in the cuts, which bring agility and resilience into these garments. The holes and slits bring an element of layering and transparency while letting the underneath layers to peek through, giving an idea of the structure of the knitwear beneath.

On the contrary to voluminous overwear, HAYAMI knitwear is mostly ribbed and tight, which gives your body a warm hug and lets the luscious shapes of different body types to shine and leave an impact. High-neck pullovers, where the extra-long neck leaves you playroom for styling, give protection against the cold days.

When looking for new outputs from the yarn selections, exciting and slightly unusual solutions caught the attention, which is why washable wool that contains paper, a blend of wool and linen, merino and silk from Japan have been incorporated.

For the collection HAYAMI, the graphical sublimated pattern has been created in collaboration with the charming illustrator Marja–Liisa Pltas, whose books have a gripping picture language. The acute sense of humor of the print complements the playful forms and cuts of the garments.

Besides the various blends of merino wool, additional materials used are cashmere, silk and alpaca. The color scene takes us from different rusty shades to golden beige and camel, to folded blues and sea green, while the black brings some depth.

Photos: Riina Varol