Urbanistic and chic collection that has been interconnected with nature. It is a story about a gardener in the heart of a city,  a story about her large savage garden, the freedom and joy she gets from growing it, the possibility of having it, and her big love for it. Inspiration from a sincere lifelong caring and the existence of plants – an ode to the joy of self–cultivation! Urbanistic morning melancholy, slightly wild and submissive, savage garden in the busy downtown, full of life and plants reaching to the sky, towards the warm Sun.

Bohemian flows, tight waists, long slimming lines, caplets and details. Different forms of folds have been incorporated into the knitwear, while the coat has intricate partitions, two caplets and large pockets. The collection consists of different shades of colors: flaming reddish orange, sky blue, grayish green, black and white, and cold green. The sublimation print features decorative motif of plants, hands of a gardener, flying horses of the sky and the gardener herself. Knitwear is mainly machine woven from cotton with a hint of merino wool. Tailored items have been made of organza silk, raw silk, and fine wool and linen, while the bodies and swimsuits bring in the lycra.

Photos: Riina Varol