I dedicate my collection to growth, to life that we perceive, experience, touch and love. Everything that has the ability to grow has a life, life that is precious and beautiful. Every new day starts with breathing, being alive. I create a story, a story for the benefit of nature, I create a synonym for sharpened minds and goodness. I get energy from the nature, from the supple and generous Sun, from the powerless dark period of fall and winter that forces its presence – suppressing the heart of life while the shy jiggling reed swirls in the wind.

The inspiration comes from the powerful diverse color scheme and energy of the Earth. Deep brown–black that changes into lighter shades. Grey alpaca wool, white silk that has a pale pearly shade, passionate red and patterns in thousands of shades that reach into the deepness of the universe. Materials include a deep bow to the nature, wool with a blend of alpaca, angora, silk, silk mohair and lots of goodness around us.