BIHOTZ is inspired by the ripe colors of the Nordic landscape, and by the desire to capture the souls of the creatures in nature that are invisible 
to the naked eye, yet float in the soft embrace of the trees, plants and wind, and that have been molded into the faces of spirited women that beautify 
the patterns of the Bihotz collection's fabrics.

Bihotz stealthily opens our eyes to the side of nature that is hidden from sight - there's somebody who also inhabits the bark.

The pattern that has been created by the women's faces is robust with some striking elements, appearing as a rich painting on a large surface of the 
unique demigod of the mythical creatures.

The materials used in the BIHOTZ collection are natural, though sublimated breathable polyester has also been incorporated; silk that falls nicely, 
as well as thick yet slightly translucent viscose. When designing the range, functional solutions have been implemented so that the pieces will fit 
different body types and accentuate curves beautifully.

The colors are inspired by the ripeness of midsummer and the month of August; accompanying a powerful red are also pumpkin yellow, sunset orange, 
pale sky blue, mustard, blackish-brown (mocha), grayish-brown (taupe), clay brown, caramel and vanilla.