Aria I

Moving away from habitual, ignoring in a way the popularity and setting up the goal to progress naivism of social manners. Solid color has direct speech and mystery of language serves the unspecified shape. Some hilarity doses of design seconds the neat color with a rhythm of inexplicable geometric patterns – transforming the wearer self-possession and belief, being unique and expressing. Collection „I Aria“ idea basis on shapes and clear-cut patterns; on deep and dark colorings adds vividness a palette of lucid basecolors like blue, yellow, red etc. The starting point of the collection was the inspiration by Rousseau whos sly pictorial language has rich color scheme as well as some tiny pieces from oriental culture and effect. Used materials at the collection are lots of high-quality wool, knitting’s and exciting unexpected materials and colors black, gray, Bordeaux red, red, yellow and blue.